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Multicolor Hand-Woven Wool Rugs-Zapotec- 30"x60"

Multicolor Hand-Woven Wool Rugs-Zapotec- 30"x60"

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Beautiful hand-woven rugs, each rug is a little different in pattern and color due to the handcrafted nature. 100% wool. Made by the Zapotecs. 30"x60"". Please choose the style you would like. 

The Zapotecs are indigenous to the Oaxacan valley in southern Mexico, which they have called home for thousands of years. Known throughout the countryside for their extraordinary talent, the villagers of Teotitlan have passed down their weaving skills from one generation to the next for over a millennium. They take great pride in knowing they are true masters of their craft, and receive a deep sense of satisfaction from creating their artwork.


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