Just a bit about us

Just a bit about us

 (Left to Right: Falan Barnett, Briana Brewer, and Jeff Wandler)

Hello Frontier Tribe!

We wanted to introduce ourselves and give you a little background about who we are.  My name is Falan, I am your guide through the background and adventures of Frontier Relics & Auto Museum.  I worked at the local public library before I came to work at Frontier. I started out helping Jeff and Briana in my spare time, and when asked, I officially joined the team in March of 2017.  It has been one fun adventure after another.  It has been so much fun treasure hunting with them. You just never know what hidden gems someone has stored away.  I always had a love for Vintage items; the Atomic Era is one of my absolute favorites.  The treasures I hunt for are Mid-century modern items, books, vintage jewelry and clothing, among other items.  My love of books and Mid-century modern started at a very young age.  I grew up antique shopping with my mom and I guess it's just in my blood.  

(Left to Right: Falan or the author of this blog, and Frontier Auto Museum building)

Now onto the people behind the name!  This is a family's collection, which has been going for 35+ years. Jeff Wandler and daughter Briana Brewer wanted to make this collection available for the public.  They started this journey in 2015 and opened the doors to the public in January of 2016.  They found the perfect spot, the original Stockman Ford dealership building.  They display items from a era that is almost non existent, except to those that collect it.  Not all of the items in the museum are 100+ years old but they appreciate all things unique and from a time when items were built to last!  The museum can really be likened to a Petroleum museum, but it is so much more than that.  We have added on a mining room where you will find rocks, minerals and mining advertising.  It is not just a museum that the guys will enjoy, but we have a department store area that has salesman displays, Vintage TV's, antique radios and general store items. They pick properties in the area to find hidden gems that have to be added to the existing collection, or made available for someone else to enjoy.  We all have a piece that takes us back to when we were spending time with someone we love.  

(Picture of local pick)

(This a picture of the museum and of the family car)

Briana grew up going from antique store to antique store and didn't think that she would want to see another one in here life. Little did she know that she would grow to love it and decide in addition to the Museum that she would open an Antique, Vintage and artisan store.  Briana has the creative bone and just wanted a place that she could share other creative people's work and rescue pieces that needed a new life.    

We hope that you will enjoy following us on our adventures! 

(Left to right: Briana Brewer, Falan Barnett)

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